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Single Phase Servo Stabilizer

Input Voltage Range 170V-280V, 120V-300V AC
KVA Rating, Capacity 1 to 40 KVA
Output Voltage 230V± 1% AC adjustable
Frequency 50Hz ± 2%
Metering 72mm to 100mm Dial Accuracy 1.5 Voltmeter with Selector switch to indicate i/p and o/p voltage
Indicator Mains "ON", Low & High limit Indicator of Dimmer on front panel
Manual Control Provision for manual control of output
Cooling Air Cooled
Output Voltage Regulation ± 1%
Rate of Correction Up to 50V per second
Efficiency More than 98% (At full load)
Duty Cycle 100%

Salient Features

Efficiency Using high-grade laminations and electrolytic grade copper wires, it gain efficiency of up to 98%
Display Module 72mm to 100mm 1.5 voltmeter, (Optional: Digital/LCD display For true RMS Voltage, Current status indications*)
Front Panel Controls Auto/Manual facility of operation
Protection Short circuit, Overload MCB protection
Standard Confirming to ISO: 9001-2015
Mobility Ruggedized construction, castor-mounted for easy movement.
Custom Custom-built specification and design available on request.