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Three Phase Air Cooled Stabilizer

Specifications :
Capacity 3 KVA to 90 KVA
Input Voltage Range 360 V to 460 V / 340 V to 480 V / 300 V to 500 V (Unbalanced load type)
Output Voltage 415 V ± 1%, line to line Nomial or as specified by customer
Rate of Correction Up to 100V per sec
Response Time 10 m sec
Efficiency 98% ( AT Full Load )
Waveform Distortion Nil
Line Frequency 47 to 53 HZ
Cooling Air-Cooled up to 90 KVA, Oil-Cooled for higher KVA Range
Protection Automatic High / Low voltage cut off, Overload and Short circuit protection

Three Phase Oil Cooled Stabilizer

The high fluctuating A.C. main supply is a very common phenomenon in India and the difficulties caused by them are known to well and need not be enumerated. The emergence of sophisticated computer era has created the need for a stable input supply as a basic necessity. The absence of this stable supply creates problems in many types of equipment. Unsteady voltage supply conditions result in total breakdowns of sensitive and sophisticated equipments.
Specifications :
Capacity 60 KVA to 1000 KVA
Input Voltage Range 360 V to 460 V / 340 V to 480 V / 300 V to 500 V (Unbalanced load type)
Efficiency Using high- grade laminations and electrolytic grade copper wires, gain efficiency of 98%(At Full Load)
Micro-controller Control Module Equipped with Advanced Micro-controller
Display Module It has Digital/LCD display for true RMS Voltage, Current status indications parameters, Auto/Manual facility of operation from front panel controls
Protection Short circuit, Single phase preventer, Over current electronic protection, Overload protection
Standard Confirming to ISO: 9001-2015
Mobility Ruggedized construction, castor- mounted for easy movement
Custom custom- built specification and design available on request